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PingPengPerformances are Silvia Sauer from the field of vocal art and Birgit Wieger from the field of movement-& object theatre. Both have been working for a long time interdisciplinarily and with resources of improvisation. PingPengPerformances develops audiovisual dance-performances. Their work is characterized by the courage to take risks in combination with testet modules and getting into the act.

Their first performance SWITCH had premiere at NOW! Festival Berlin 2018.
Second performance ‚IF‘ had premiere again at NOW! Festival Berlin 2019


  • Foto: Ralf K. Lang


Switch on and off
Switch between you and me
Who pushes the switch?

SWITCH is a vivid interplay of 2 people in which body,movement, light, sound and objects interact in constantly new and unpredictable spatial constellations.
Silvia Sauer and Birgit Wieger investigate and explore the ambiguity of the word SWITCH.
Dance and choreographic scores emerge from the interaction with sound, light and everyday objects. The sound develops from live loops, acoustic voice, movement, sounds and samples.
These elements ’switch‘ from one moment to the next, merge, meander, transform, layer on top of each other, contrast, interweave, flood, branch, relate, awaken associations and tell surprising stories.

Silvia Sauer (voice, looper, performance) |  Birgit Wieger (dance, objects, performance)

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….Yes! …but…           wrong way? … right? … Yes? … ,if …..        continue! …

IF is an audiovisual dance-performance about possibilities, the process of making and rejecting decisions… call into question, turning in loops, stagger or stay in balance, losing oneself, breaking new ground ….  It’s about the sketchiness of tracks, movements, images & sounds ….

Silvia Sauer (voice, looper, performance) |  Birgit Wieger (dance, objects, performance)


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BIRGIT WIEGER is a Berlin based performer, choreographer and director with a focus on interdisciplinary, interactive and site-specific formats.Her projects investigate the intersection of reality and fiction. The connection of movement, sound, space and objects originate unconventional sound- and bodyscapes.
She was a core member of the artist group DAS LETZTE KLEINOD (2003-2009) and part of the artist
collective STECHMANN|WIEGER. She collaborated with artist like Sonja Ahlhäuser, Kirsten Schötteldreier,
Franz Tröger, Aurelia Mihai and many more. Her performances have been shown on venues like Oerol
Festival, Over het Ij Festival, Chalon dans la rue, TjG Dresden, Atze Musiktheater, …

SILVIA SAUER (Mainz), is singer, improviser and performer, fascinated by musically exploring the extent of expression and the facets of human voice.
She integrates a wide range of music genres in her personal artistic style, which is characterized as a free, undogmatic and playful bridging of boundaries.
Ensembles: METROPOLIS-PROJEKT – live staging of silent films in more than 30 countries. Award Creole-Worldmusic in Hesse with Duo STIMMIG. Since 2012 Duo DIE QSINEN – Varieté-Crossover. 2017 music-residency at ART OMI (USA). She is member of LAPROFTH (National Association of professional free theaters in Rhineland-Palatinate) and of ASSOCIATION OF IMPROVISED MUSIC IN HESSE.

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