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KINO VARIÉTÉ is an event format which, in times of early cinema, offers a mix of silent movies, live music, dance and acrobatics.
KINO VARIÉTÉ, an initiative project of the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain on the occasion of its 10th anniversary in cooperation with the ZDF / ARTE film department, responsible for the film research - mixture of live music and silent movies, dance and acrobatics.

Live scoring of silent films and songs: Uwe Oberg (piano) and Silvia Sauer (voice+live electronics)



Songs, Songs of Songs, Off Songs - Silvia Sauer and Uwe Oberg poach in the gardens of songs, crossbreed Kurt Weill with Robert Wyatt, Henry Purcell with Blind Willie Johnson, Steve Lacy with Joni Mitchell and original compositions.
The stylistic range is as extraordinary as the approach to the special features of these songs. Improvisations by the two of them keep transforming them into wondrous plants that seem to lead a secret life of their own.
Duo: Uwe Oberg (piano, looper) | Silvia Sauer (voice, looper)
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Uwe Oberg - Vita

Uwe "Oberg is one of the few, who really joins american with european improvised music;(...) one of the most intriguing pianists at the fascinating intersection of New Music and Free Jazz, who impresses mainly with an economic style." RADIO ORF / AUSTRIA

Improvisation is the keyword for his work. Impressed by Free Jazz and New Music, he developed exceptional piano techniques. He is composer and a highly individual interpret of Jazz-compositions. Whatever Oberg plays, he transforms each material in his very personal, twinkling sound without musical borders.
Beside fixed projects he enjoys the improvised encounter with musicians from different styles and cultures. He often played in combination with other artforms, theatre / dance / lyrics, currently mainly with silent films, as a soloist and with ensembles.
In December 2007 Oberg got the award HESSISCHER JAZZPREIS.