KunstAnimiert! – Synopsis of Dredge and Cranes

KunstAnimiert! started 2014 as a cooperation of Leonore Poth (animation filmmaker) and Silvia Sauer (voice artist) with a workshop-project for children: How to make an animation film and its soundtrack – Good Ems Bad Ems
2015 first artistic Live-Performances followed.

Bagger und Kräne – Dredge and Crane (2008, 4:32 min)
Script, Regie, Production: Leonore Poth/iGerfilm

Predicate ‚Artistically Valuable‘ and ‚Shortfilm of the Month‘ by FBW Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden (The Assessment Board in Wiesbaden) Februar 2008
Was shown on festivals in Los Angeles, Chicago Children FilmFest, Kuba, Seattle,
Petersburg, Wien, Utrecht and Thailand.

What happens, when the lovestory of Romeo and Juliet would take place between the feuding families of dredger and cranes?

Leonore retells the story in a black-and-white short film, in a special technology, in which the film material is worked on directly. Strong black lines show the protagonists in a minimalist representation. In a fight crane against dredge, shown in ironic details, love wins…

Silvia Sauer has created 2015 a new musically interpretation for the live-performance, with voice and loop-effects. Her approach to the film is based on the potential of human voice, to express emotions without words and to use voice as an instrument – expressive, wide ranged and with a shot of humour. 

Leonore Poth


Website: www.leonore-poth.de