1. Improvised Music – Variety of Voicesounds –
timecode 0:00- ~ 06:00

2. Improvised Music – voice, phonetic speeking/wordings + bodysounds – timcode ~ 23:30 – 27:00


3. Improvised Music to Silent Movie – DadaVocings for the agitation of the masses


4. Improvised Voice+Synthseizer-Loops – traumatic background, all words are forming themselves in the process of improvisation.

This is a collage of two different tracks, that I found today in my archive – the german file is based on the word ‚remember(ing)‘, the english words might sound weird to you, because I use english language as a self-generating narrative form to tell from the subconscious mind.
The words at first built up themselves as a sound, they can modulate in different directions, they may clear up or remain blurred…
It is definitely easier for me to use a foreign languagein that process, because the sense of the words is not so strongly embodied and determined in me as in my native language. I therefore have all freedoms to form words as sound.