PingPengPerformances are Silvia Sauer from the field of vocal art and Birgit Wieger from the field of movement-& object theatre. Both have been working for a long time interdisciplinarily and with resources of improvisation. PingPengPerformances develops audiovisual dance-performances. Their work is characterized by the courage to take risks in combination with testet modules and getting into the act.

Their first performance SWITCH had premiere at NOW! Festival 2018.
Next performance 'IF' will have premiere again at NOW! Festival 2019


Silvia Sauer (voice, looper, performance) |  Birgit Wieger (dance, objects, performance)

  • Performance at NOWFestival Berlin may 2018 Foto: David Beecroft

Switch on and off
Switch between you and me
Who pushes the switch?

SWITCH is a vivid interplay in which sound, movement, objects and light, in always new and unpredictable spatial constellations, merge, meander, transform, interact with each other, contrast, layer, intertwine, flood, relate, branch ... creating thus an floating space.


Birgit Wieger (dance, objects, performance)  | Silvia Sauer (voice, looper, performance)

….Yes! ...but…           wrong way? ... right? ... Yes? ... ,if .....        continue! ...

IF is an audiovisual dance-performance about possibilities, the process of making and rejecting decisions... call into question, turning in loops, stagger or stay in balance, losing oneself, breaking new ground ....  It's about the sketchiness of tracks, movements, images & sounds ….


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