KunstAnimiert! – Synopsis of Dredge and Cranes

KunstAnimiert! started 2014 as a cooperation of Leonore Poth (animation filmmaker) and Silvia Sauer (voice artist) with a workshop-project for children: How to make an animation film and its soundtrack – Good Ems Bad Ems
2015 first artistic Live-Performances followed.

Bagger und Kräne – Dredge and Crane (2008, 4:32 min)
Script, Regie, Production: Leonore Poth/iGerfilm
Predicate ‚Artistically Valuable‘ and ‚Shortfilm of the Month‘ by FBW Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden (The Assessment Board in Wiesbaden) Februar 2008
Was shown on festivals in Los Angeles, Chicago Children FilmFest, Kuba, Seattle,
Petersburg, Wien, Utrecht and Thailand.


What happens, when the lovestory of Romeo and Juliet would take place between the feuding families of dredger and cranes?
Leonore retells the story in a black-and-white short film, in a special technology, in which the film material is worked on directly. Strong black lines show the protagonists in a minimalist representation. In a fight crane against dredge, shown in ironic details, love wins…
Silvia Sauer has created 2015 a new musically interpretation for the live-performance, with voice and loop-effects. Her approach to the film is based on the potential of human voice, to express emotions without words and to use voice as an instrument – expressive, wide ranged and with a shot of humour. 


Leonore Poth


Website: www.leonore-poth.de


2013 Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Award for animation of „Die schöne Annalena“
2007/08 Lectureship of animation film at the University of Applied Science Mainz
2006 Nomination for the Crystal Bear at the Berlinale for the animation film
„Wutz & Wiebke“
1990 Lectureship for animation film at the Frankfurt University of Applied Science,
Faculty Social Work
1997 Award Scriptwriting Hessen for animation film „Die Rollmöpse“
since 1987 Freelance illustrator, graphic artist and animation filmmaker in Frankfurt am Main
1987–89 Lectureship for animation film at the HfG Offenbach
1980–86 Study at the ‚HfG Offenbach (Hessen State University of Art and Design), area of studys: drawing, painting and animation film;
Graduation film: animation film „U-Bahn Westberlin“
1984 Semester (guest)for Painting at the ‚Hochschule der bildenden Künste‘ in Berlin, Klasse Professor Marwan
1982 Semester abroad for Painting at the „Accademia di Belle Arti“ in Firenze/Italy
1959 born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Filmography  – Short Movies

2005 Wutz & Wiebke
2003 Tiger & Igel
2000 Die Rollmöpse
1990 Weiss
1987 Just A Simple Melody
Random Confusion
1985 Rodgau Melody
U-Bahn Westberlin
1984 Offenbach
1983 Donna Mobile


2015 Regionalgalerie Südhessen of regional authority in Hessen, Darmstadt
2013 Kunstkabinett im Sodener Badehaus Remisengalerie Hanau Galerie Schamretta
2012 Alte Scheune Rumpenheim
2010 Galerie Schamretta, Frankfurt am Main
2009 Galerie 13, Offenbach/Main Galerie Zement, Frankfurt am Main
2008 Haus der Stadtgeschichte, Offenbach/Main
2007 Salon Brenner Offenbach/Main
2006 Foyer des Gallus-Theaters Frankfurt am Main
2003 Foyer des Gallus-Theaters, Frankfurt am Main
2000 Galerie Zement, Frankfurt am Main
1998 Galerie Zement, Frankfurt am Main
1997 Galerie Augustin, Hofheim am Taunus
1993 Epiphanias-Gemeinde, Frankfurt am Main
1991 Galerie der Künstler des BBK Frankfurt e.V.
1990 Kunstverein Offenbach/Main
1989 Galerie Augustin, Hofheim am Taunus
1988 Galerie Nuovo, Frankfurt am Main
1985 Galerie im Schloss Philippsruhe, Hanau


Silvia Sauer


From the very beginning, the main interest in working musically lay in exploring the extent of expression and the facets of the human voice. This encompasses classical jazz standards and modern jazz to very expressive and emotional associative singing.
Silvia Sauer is very interested in the different traditional roots of using voice in the world (…overtone singing, chinese opera, pygmies joddeling…) but also in sounds of nature, noise and electronic features.
Her artistic experiences are based on projects in different art genres, from Live-Performances of silent movies to crossover of improvised music – jazz – wolrdmusic, from multimediaprojects with dancers and musicians to cabaret and humour…


Biography and Projects

2014 Duo ‚Sauer-Schliemann‘ – Free Improvised Music
Silvia Sauer – voice/looper, Wolfgang Schliemann – drums

2012 Varieté-Crossover ‚die Qsinen‘ (translation: the Cousins) – Daniela Daub Juggling/Clown, Silvia Sauer – voicetheater
The Duo is member of ‚laprofth‘, state association of professional off-theaters in Rheinland-Pfalz/Germany. www.dieQsinen.de

2008 Duo stimmig: Award Creole- Worldmusic in Hessen

2007 Solo-project with looper ’stimmtheater‘ (translation: voicetheater) www.stimmtheater.de

2007 Singer and Actress in the french dance theater production ‚Questions d’ames / inside out‘. Multimedia virtual worlds in combination with real dancers and musicians
Performances of work-in-progress in France (Enghiens-les-bains and Reykjavik)

2003 Duo stimmig – (contrabass/voice) with compositions of improvised music and elements of Jazz and worldmusic. www.stimmig-online.de

1995-2005 Vocaliste of ensemble metropolis-projekt. The ensemble with its ‚musical re-staging‘ of silent films of ‚Metropolis‘, ‚Faust‘, ‚Die Nibelungen‘ in over thirty different countries has acquiered a considerable reputation and can look back on performances in some of the major capitals of world, often at invitations of Goethe-Institutes, for exemple Philippines, China, Japan, Korea, Israel, Mexico, USA, Russia, Baltic Countries. www.metropolis-projekt.de

1990-2012 Employee in Architectural Office, part-time

1990 Study of Interior Design and Degree in Interior Design

1986-1995 Singer in modern jazz bands (Rothengrund Art Ensemble, some other trio),CD produktions

1983 Abitur (Baccalaureate)

1963 born in Mömbris, Germany